A little bit about me....

Though music travels through an ever-changing cultural and technological landscape, the art and artistry of the music itself still radiates from the same old core. Songs that inspire with rhythms that move us, lyrics whose poetry engages and relates to us, musicianship that binds, shapes and elevates it and with it, us.  

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and journeyman performer Fil Pacino rests on these age old laurels while fluidly navigating multiple genres on his 2013 debut solo release Death By Lions. Through deeply personal and introspective lyrics Pacino’s delivery is as powerful in stripped down acoustic driven arrangements as canvassed across a full throttle band. Pacino’s flexible nature as a songsmith is no coincidence, born from his 300+ performances per year ranging from solo acoustic and small combos to raucous full band rock shows. 

While establishing himself as a weekly and even daily local name throughout Boston’s active south shore music underground, Pacino has done equal time on larger stages from regional mainstays The Middle East and Paradise to larger venues like Boston’s historic Great Woods, Gilette Stadium and as a featured performer at numerous 92.9FM sponsored events. 

Pacino is a professional endorsee of Reverend Guitars and counts among his many musical influences a broad spectrum spanning Jeff Buckley, Lewis Taylor, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Prince, Nikka Costa and countless others. Pacino continues work on his follow up release slated for late 2016/2017 but contends that new material “usually hits me at inconvenient times …”